LGA Adult Social Care and Wellbeing Consultation

Health and social care services are changing, not just in Oldham but nationally. Years of significant underfunding alongside rising demand and costs for care and support has pushed adult social care services to breaking point. That is why the Local Government Association is running a major national consultation to look at how to pay for adult social care and support for older people, working age adults with mental or physical disabilities and unpaid carers.

The LGA estimates that adult social care services face an annual funding gap of £3.5 billion by 2025.

More and more people are unable to receive good, reliable care, such as help with getting washed and dressed, and funding is increasingly having to be diverted from other vital council services, such as parks, leisure centres and libraries, to plug growing adult social care funding gaps.

The LGA’s eight-week consultation is open to all members of the public – regardless of whether they are directly affected by or receive adult social care and support – and community groups. The findings will be used to help influence the Government’s own green paper and its spending plans. To take part visit The LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing | The lives we want to lead

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