Results of the Adult Social Care consultation

In December 2018, we contacted 4,962 existing users of adult social care services, to ask for views on their current experience with the service. Residents of Oldham were also invited to share their views on Adult Social Care Services. We received 337 responses.

Below is a summary of the key findings of the responses received from existing users of the service, who agreed to their replies being used.

As a result of the consultation we are making the following changes:

  • A new resource allocation system is being implemented in April. This takes into account the social care expert view.
  • Additional information and advice is being added to the Oldham Cares website, and an information pack about services is being printed
  • The Care and Support Plan is being updated to include information identified as important o service users

Contacting the service for the first time:

  • Majority (50%) of referrals into the service came from GPs or other health professionals
  • 42% contacted the service because the people they care for needed services
  • 33% contacted the service to find out if they were eligible for services
  • 38% said no improvement was required to first contact
  • We supported people to
  • Self-care (71%)
  • Rehabilitate after an illness (55%)
  • Access their local community (55%)
  • Access voluntary sector services (57%)

Assessing social care needs

  • 71% of assessment were completed face-to-face
  • 83% were able to fully or partially understand their needs assessment
  • 100% said the assessment should cover their view
  • 97% said the assessment should include the carers view
  • 82% said it should include their cultural needs
  • 76% were happy with the outcome of their assessment

Calculating personal budgets

  • 92% agreed that the assessor should explain how their personal budget is calculated
  • 92% agreed that resources should be allocated fairly and consistently
  • 41% agreed that the Social Care assessor explained how their Personal Budget was calculated, but 31% could not remember
  • 77% of people felt that a personal budget should be calculated using a combination of social worker professional judgement and using a resource allocation system

Care and support plan

  • 71% agreed of strongly agreed that their care and support plan was easy to understand
  • 83% felt that the plan should tell them how much money they have to meet their social care needs
  • 83% felt that the plan should tell them how much they have to pay towards services
  • 59% were happy with the amount of time taken to get their care and support in place from first contact
  • People responded that it would be useful to include the following in their plan:
  • Key contact details of people involved in delivering their support
  • Contingency plan based on risk
  • Details of free care and support
  • Their signature and their assessor’s signature


When reviewing the care and support plan, the following were identified as important to users of the service:

  • Timeliness
  • Identified needs and outcomes clearly
  • Easy to understand
  • Focuses on the service user view (not the professional)
  • Completed with a worker they know
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