Thriving Communities Fast Grants, case study – Chadderton Together – £500

The funding was awarded to help support an ongoing programme of tea dances in Chadderton Town Hall. The events help to promote social inclusion, reduce isolation and loneliness and encourage everyone to maintain physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Most participants were from North and Central Chadderton, but an increasing number came from outside the local area. Word of mouth meant that people from Hathershaw and Middleton also attended. A total of 370 benefitted from the tea dances held.

The dance programme was varied and allowed those with limited dancing ability to receive some informal tuition.

The programme has made a positive difference for many of the participants, who have enjoyed a social activity in a supportive environment. The programme has helped to increase the range of events and activities available to those living in the local community. However, more needs to be done to avoid clashes with other activities as participants have occasionally had to choose what they attended.

The programme will continue throughout 2020 as funding has been awarded to Chadderton Together from Forever Manchester.

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