Thriving Communities Fast Grants, case study – Glodwick Wanderers – £500

Glodwick Cricket Club wanted to set up a walking group “Glodwick Wanderers”. The initial aim of setting up the walking group was to help the local community to become healthier and to raise the profile of the Cricket Club.

Glodwick Wanderers did their first walk on the morning of Monday 5 November 2018. The group now has 10 regular walkers. In the Summer of 2019, the group introduced a Monday evening walk to coincide with the Junior Cricket matches, this was to encourage people who were unable to join the morning walk due to work commitments, etc. to join the group. The people attending the organised walks are not just from Glodwick but also come from other areas within Oldham.

Some of the walkers felt socially isolated prior to joining the Glodwick Wanderers, but the group has brought people together and created new friendships. Other benefits reported by the group members include; improved health and wellbeing, feeling more knowledgeable about Glodwick and the surrounding area particularly the history of the area.

The group now plans to install permanent heating in the Clubhouse in the Spring of 2020. This means they will be able to offer the Clubhouse as a facility for the wider community to use from Summer 2020.

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