Thriving Communities Fast Grants, case study – Hoyas Basketball Club – £500

The club now has four successful teams, who last season won every league they played in. Forty children have benefitted from being part of the Hoyas Basketball Club. As well as being more physically active by learning to play basketball in a safe environment, the children now have a sense of being part of a (basketball) family, have learnt social skills and team working.

The only thing currently holding them back from even greater things is that their coach Adam does not have enough spare time to support more teams. When asked if there were any plans to do anything else in the community? Adam said “Yes (I have plans), but I work fulltime and cannot afford to give up any more of my time. I would love more teams”. When asked how we could help with those plans? Adam jokingly said, “Pay me a fulltime salary”, so if anybody is willing to pay a fulltime wage so Adam can support the Hoyas Basketball Teams more please get in touch with him.

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