Social Action Fund

Social Action Fund

Social isolation and loneliness is a national priority and is equally so in Oldham with 10% of residents self-identifying as being lonely. That is why we made a commitment to work together to target the root causes of social isolation and loneliness in the Oldham Plan – a collective statement from organisations who serve Oldham, which explains how we can all best serve the place we love and help its people and places to thrive.

As part of this commitment, the Thriving Communities programme has made a total fund of £850k available to fund between two to four projects over a three year period that can enable people to become more socially connected.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to constituted Voluntary, Community and Faith and Social Enterprise sector organisations or groups (VCFSE) or the VCFSE working in partnership with other organisations (for example; a partnership or consortium with the public or enterprise sector).

Those applying must be able to demonstrate how their project can improve the lives of residents, their outcomes and support the reduction on demand in the health and care systems, to build community capacity to deliver the goals and priorities linked to the development of Oldham’s Integrated Care Organisation (which are contained within the Expression of Interest Form and below).

These projects or initiatives will support the sector and boost community capacity to better support our residents.


Stage 1 – Release of the expression of Interest and meet the funder

This stage has been completed for any 2018/2019 applications.

Stage 2 – Full submission form release

The full submission forms will be released to those successful at this stage around 18 Jan 2019 and the full submission deadline is the 11 February 2018. The full submission form will ask about your bid in further detail and allow you to showcase what it is you are trying to achieve.

Stage 3 – Assess and award

The panel will meet and score the full submission forms, have further conversations with applicants if needed. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of  Feb 2019 and the panel will work with and support the applicants to shape the delivery and success of these projects.

Important information for applicants

The Thriving Communities programme has identified tackling social isolation and loneliness as a priority, there is significant evidence that this is a challenge in Oldham and a generator of poor outcomes and high levels of demand on the health and social care system (it is also a priority within the Oldham plan).

Therefore projects funded should –

  • Support the reduction on the demand on primary and/or acute care
  • Be transformational either in the delivery approach or the system change it makes within the VCFSE or with public or enterprise.
  • Be in line with the strength based approaches of the Thriving Communities programme and enhance social value within Oldham.
  • Reduce social isolation and loneliness AND meet one or more of the following Oldham Cares priorities below:

Oldham Cares priorities

  • Reduction in pressure on A&E
  • Mental Health
  • Reduction in child obesity
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Improve out of hospital care

Those applying must be able to demonstrate how their project can improve the outcomes, support the reduction on demand on the health and care systems, and build capacity to deliver this linked to the development of the priorities contained within Oldham Cares


Expressions of interests and final submissions will be scored by a panel made up of representatives of the Oldham Partnership, members of the Thriving Communities Delivery Group, Action Together, representatives from the CCG/Health and community.

Attendance at the Meet the Funder event is not a compulsory part of the process but is open to all intending to submit a bid